Scarring Alopecia

  The term scarring alopecia sounds new to many ears so first let’s understand what is scarring alopecia. It is an overall clinical term utilized for a wide range of balding, both confined or diffuse, from the scalp or any piece of the body. There are numerous things that can cause balding, including drugs or iron …

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Hair growth treatment

  Hair is the asset of an individual personality. It adds beauty to the appearance of an individual and has greater psychological and social importance. A person puts his efforts to maintain the beauty of his hair, but many of them face a real problem of hair loss. Alopecia affects both men and women and …

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DHI hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

DHI hair transplant

  Direct hair implantation (DHI) is an improvement in the FUE technique where Choi implanter is used for graft placement. More than 80 percent of males have thinning hairs by age 60. More than 50% of women also suffer a substantial amount of hair loss in their lifespan. In order to help regrow damaged hair, …

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Infected hair transplant

  Infected hair transplant refers to any infectious complication which occurs during or after the surgery. It  can occur in both transplanted and donor areas due to uncleanliness or formation of inordinate covering , or a previous clinical hazard factor. Hair transplant surgery is normally secure when finished by using a qualified, skilled board- licensed surgeon. Still, …

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