bad habit damage hair

Bad habits that damage your hair


Many times the appearance of one’s hair is related to genetics and environment; however you may be unknowingly repeating bad habits that damage your hair. It has been a concern for many ever since beauty standards were created. Homemade remedies to expensive luxuries treatments have been advised which have claimed guaranteed desired results, but the fulfillment of those claims has never been assured. Getting rid of some bad habits that may be the underlying cause of damaged hair could provide results fast and cheap.

Damage hair and normal hair structure

Following is a list of Bad habits that damage your hair:

1- Heat Damage

Dryers, curling rods or flat irons are known to be your enemy in disguise. Applying excessive and frequent heat of over 450F burns strands making it appears coarse and unhealthy. This damage is irreversible. It is recommended to apply as little heat as possible as prevention is best option in this case.

Bad habits that damage your hair

2- Excessive hair washing 

Among the bad habits that damages is over washing. Shampooing daily strips it of natural oils that keep it healthy, making it dry and brittle and more prone to damage. Shampoos should be used only once a week for dry and every other day for oily hair.

3- Elastic hair ties

Rubber bands and ties are commonly found among people with long hair as they’re extremely handy when needing to push pesky hair out of your face. The issue with them  is that they pull at your scalp and cuticles and end up causing a lot of damage and breakage. This issue can be prevented be wearing hair down more frequently.

4- Towel drying

One might not even consider that incorrect towel drying may be a factor contributing and a bad habit that damages, even though it very much is. Rubbing motion while drying is known to cause damage. It’s better to blot hair using an absorbent towel instead.

5- Hair treatments 

Putting hair through sessions of coloring, perms and relaxers may get you healthier looking, but that lasts usually only temporarily. In the long term such process are known to damage and alopecia will be the result. Therefore avoid these treatments which involve various chemicals and heating, instead sticking to natural remedies may be the best course.

Damaged hair treatment in Pakistan

6- Stress

It has been perceived from a great deal of evidence that there is a strong link between hair loss and stress. Telogen effluvium is a common type of stress that has resulted in damage. Follicles become dormant as a cause of stress making it easier to fall out, thus increase in shedding. Working to maintain stress may help you achieve healthier hair. 

You should re-evaluate whether you have been unknowingly committing bad habits that damage your strands, before going in for intense treatments to repair the damage and end up inflicting more harm than good upon yourselves also, saving a lot of money that may have been lost to companies demanding atrocious amounts and making false promises of miraculous results. Remember the best cure is always prevention. If you got damage hair due to any reason, no need to worry as our hair doctor in Pakistan will solve your problem through medicine and treatments. 

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