Beard Hair Transplant

Fue beard hair transplant in Lahore is available at our clinic for thickness. It is a delicate hair restoration surgery as it is applied on hairs of the face like beard, moustache and eyebrows etc. It requires removal of hairs from other parts of body such as scalp hair and then patched onto the bald area of face. This procedure reinforces ingrown roots and strengthens hair structures generating healthier and fuller growth of hair. It might be a little discomforting and minimally painful but its payback period is shorter in comparison to other hair treatments. Pre and post-operative medication help the scar heal immediately.  We use FUE and FUT methods for hair grafting. The former method involves one by one implantation of hair from donor area to recipient area. The latter is typically simple in which a patch of tissue is stripped and then stitched on relevant site. Though the end result of FUT and FUE techniques are same but FUT technique is painful and involve incision and stitches. Once hairs are extracted from donor area they are grafted under the effect of local anesthesia. Furthermore, a great detail, care and mastery of surgeon is required for follicles implant on the face or beard area.

The duration of surgery in FUE technique for beard hair restoration depends upon the number of hair extracted and transplanted. It takes three to four hours to get completed. Patient’s candidacy depends upon the decision of the surgeon but here are some general defining considerations for the eligibility of Facial Hair restoration surgery.

  • Healthy hair patches in donor area.
  • Inability to hair growth of the recipient area. 
  • Patient must be healthy and fit physically.
  • Followed up pre-operative instructions of the surgeon.

After facial hair surgery during the period of recovery face must not be washed for at least 24 hours. If one has to, he should follow subsequent instructions.

  • Gently wash the grafts with baby shampoo. (don’t rub)
  • Rinse them with a cup of room temperature water (don’t use shower)
  • Dry gently with soft towel.
  • Do not shave for at least ten days after surgery.
  • Laughing and talking have to be kept to minimum.

With that also take care of donor area at least for six months. Avoid exposing the wound to sunlight so that crust of incision site might not worsen. It is important to note that mild pain, pinkness or redness, itching and numbness may occur. These are normal affects associated with surgery and will be vanish within a week or two. Swelling may also occur but it is also a part of recovery process. These can be managed through serums, ointments, sprays, pain killers or repair vitamins recommended by the doctor. With this care, new hair will start growing after two or three months of surgery. Hair loss may also occur but it is also a natural healing. 

The cost of beard Hair Transplant in Lahore Pakistan may differ because of the complexity of the procedure itself. FUE is a little bit expensive than FUT. However one should go for natural and permanent solution to the hair problem than spending thousands on cosmetics. By this you will look more charismatic, confident and stylish and also bring a permanent desirable result for you.