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Hair transplant London

Hair transplant London UK patient traveled abroad to our clinic for his frontal half of head coverage from our Board Certified, experienced hair restoration surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry.    

Hair transplant Wazirabad

Hair transplant Wazirabad patient searched our clinic through the internet and sent us his head photos for initial advice. The gentleman started his hair loss a few years back and did not care about this issue. As times passed, his receding hairline was visible and the crown area bald spot also obvious. Therefore, he decided …

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Hair transplant Bhalwal

Hair transplant Bhalwal Sargodha patient came for his frontal area baldness treatment at our clinic. The procedure was performed under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. There are different kinds of hair fall control products and treatments as well. When all these measures and remedies fail then surgical hair replacement is the last remedy. It is …

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Hair transplant Samundri

  Hair transplant Samundri patient got hair loss treatment from our clinic via Fue technique. Baldness is a common issue among male and females in this city. To control hair fall, people of this city try different homemade remedies and totka. When it does not work, they consult Hakeem for desi treatment. When nothing works …

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Hair transplant Bahria town

Hair transplant Bahria town Lahore patient got frontal baldness treatment from our clinic through Fue technique. Initially the patient searched on the internet the “best hair loss treatment in Lahore “best hair restoration surgeon” and PRP treatment for hair fall control” and also called our clinic for basic information. He short listed three clinics to …

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Hair transplant Dammam

Hair transplant Dammam patient got his Fue procedure abroad at our clinic where his frontal hair restoration procedure was performed. Saudi Arabia is the first Arab country to enter the cosmetic medical field in the Arabian Peninsula because of its position among European and American countries and the rapid technological advancements over the last two …

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