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Hair transplant Blackburn

  Hair transplant Blackburn UK patient | 2576 grafts | Front baldness Hair transplant in Blackburn UK is offered by a few clinics and doctors for hair loss and baldness treatment. There are two techniques commonly used for hair restoration called FUT & FUE. Previously FUT technique was a gold standard but due to advancement …

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Hybrid hair transplant result

  Hybrid hair transplant results | 9 months later | Lahore Pakistan | +92-333-430-9999 Hybrid hair transplant results in Lahore Pakistan where scalp and beard donor area grafts were extracted and placed in the recipient area. This procedure is performed in those cases where limited scalp donor area or less grafts availability. Procedure date   16 …

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Hair restoration advances

  Advances in the hair restoration field are continuously changing and improving this field for baldness and alopecia treatment.  Hair loss shakes millions of people throughout the world, and it can have serious consequences for a person’s psychological and emotional well-being. With the use of robotics and manual and motorized follicular unit extraction, the technology …

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stem cell micro needling Pakistan

Stem cell micro needling

  Stem cell micro-needling, or stem cell treatment is a balding treatment. This is a well-known treatment for those encountering balding, incorporating those with androgenic alopecia.  Stem cell micro-needling is a flexible treatment and is utilized for more than essentially going bald. In certain cases, micro-needling is utilized as a beautifying makeover treatment, to trigger …

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When to see good results

  A very known quote is patience is bitter but its fruit is sweeter. This applies to this transplant procedure as well. Hair transplant may require multiple sessions and take several months before the results start to appear. New growth not only makes your appearance aesthetic but you start to relive your life once again. …

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Hybrid hair transplant

  Hybrid hair transplant is basically a procedure that implies the usage of both the traditional FUT and FUE techniques. The core purpose of these two techniques is to acquire more grafts as possible. This transplantation procedure enables FUE and FUT to be performed on the same day or the next day. Chest and beard sessions for …

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