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Seasonal hair loss when and why does it happen

Seasonal hair loss is associated with a hair loss due to seasonal shedding, occurring more abundantly during certain seasons of the year that others, or at least that´s how many people perceive it. If normally a person may lose between 100 to 120 hairs daily, during seasonal hair loss the rate of hair falling out is mucho more bigger.

How to know if you are becoming bald and how to prevent it

If you wonder about how to know if you are becoming bald, you are not the only one. This is a question that many men -and women- ask themselves everyday when they look at the mirror and see that they are losing volume or density, or that their frontline is receding. And despite the fact that baldness is a problem very common and even natural, especially in men after certain age, it can be a source of concern and ending affecting our emotional health.