Cheap Hair Transplant China

Cheap hair transplant in China is getting popular among the people. As the living standards are rising all around, people are becoming more concerned about their facial looks and beauty. Reports say that baldness is one of the top most medical and health related problems people of this country are suffering from. Therefore, people frequently search about the solutions of this problem and which clinics are providing the facility of cosmetic surgery. Many treatment methods have been devised so far, and FUT and FUE are the latest techniques available in this field. These methods of treatment are being practiced all around the world but it is among those countries where prices of these treatments are relatively less as compared to the Western countries.

Cheap hair transplant in China is available in all the major cities like Beijing, Shanghai etc, and many people prefer these permanent solutions of baldness, nowadays. In these surgical procedures, graft units containing follicles are extracted from the donor areas of the same patient, mostly from the back of the head, by using special micro instruments. These graft units are then implanted in the skin of the barren areas of scalp artistically to produce maximum density and natural look. The procedures are very delicate and specialists, who are highly skilled in this field, are performing these surgeries. The results are very promising and long lasting. Success rate is above 90% and people do not have to undergo such treatments again and again as results are quite permanent and growth continues in the follicles after full recovery. Patients are quite comfortable after the procedure and may go home on the same day but special care is recommended by the doctors to get maximum results. In the latest methods like FUE, there are no stitches and scar marks because wounds are quite small and they heal themselves quickly. However, it takes about 1 year before the full final results are achieved.

Cheap hair transplant in China

Although these treatments are quite expensive but they are being done in this country at relatively lesser prices as compared to the Western countries like USA, England etc. Cheap hair transplant in China is available at a price of as low as $1.5 per graft unit in different cities. It is very inexpensive as compared to $4 per graft unit cost in the Western countries. So, people can save more than 50% of their money by getting their treatment done here. However, the total cost depends upon the number of graft units planted, the doctor you are consulting and the clinic or facilitation centre from where you have got your treatment.

Cheap hair transplant in China is gaining popularity day by day among the masses and many people have undergone such treatments so far. To conclude the above discussion, we can say that China is using latest techniques to treat baldness permanently and the results are very promising. This facility is available in all the major cities and such procedures are done by specialists of the field at relatively low rates. So if you are looking for saving your money and treating your baldness permanently, it is a good option to get your treatment done here.

When we compare hair restoration cost in China with Pakistan or Turkey, one can find best hair restoration surgeons in these countries and prices are far less than China. There is no harm to send hair loss area close up photos through WhatsApp +9233343009999 and getting free advice as well as quotation for 2000, 3000 or 4000 grafts through follicular unit extraction technique. You can get 3000 grafts provided enough donor area in the back and sides of head. If you are sending your photos of bald head, please also send back and sides of head photos so that our expert doctor can examine availability of grafts.