Face Surgery Pakistan

Face surgery in Pakistan is available now in all major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad etc. There are two main types of facial surgeries. One is reconstructive type in which the main aim is to bring the broken tissues back to normal look. It includes craniofacial surgeries to treat congenital anomalies (for example cleft lip, palate etc) and burns. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is the second type in which the appearance or looks are enhanced through tissues modifications. It took long before getting its popularity but it has now spread its roots vastly not only among the medical community but also among the local population. Many actors and celebrities undergo such cosmetic surgeries to improve their facial features and beauty.

 Face surgery in Pakistan is getting popular day by day. Such treatments are done under the supervision of skilled plastic surgeons and dermatologists who have done specialization courses in this field. Most of the surgeries are done to improve the texture and look of facial skin because it is the part which gets most affected with the aging process. It becomes loose, spotted and wrinkled with the passage of time; therefore, mostly patients consult specialists and undergo facial surgeries to get a younger look. There are different techniques available in this regard like face lifts, forehead lifts, Thermage, chemical peel, Dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, facial fillers and Botox injections. In these procedures, texture of the skin is improved by stretching, removing dead skin cells and wrinkles with the help of Laser, chemicals and manual efforts. Apart from skin, other surgical treatments are also available to improve the appearance of ears (ear reshaping), nose (rhinoplasty), eyes (eyelid lift, eyelash transplant), mouth (lip filling, lip enhancement, malar augmentation) and chin (genioplasty).

Face surgery Pakistan

Not only the local population but also people from other countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UK, Dubai etc come to get face surgery in Pakistan. It is so because these procedures are done by specialists at relatively low prices here as compared to Western countries. However, these are still expensive procedures and the prices vary depending upon the technique used, the specialist you are consulting and from where you are getting your surgical treatment. People do great research and consultation before deciding to get these cosmetic treatments. Doctors used special graphic software to show their patients how they will look like after the procedure, in order to ease their concerns and doubts about the final appearance and results.

Face surgery in Pakistan is quite successful. That’s why many celebrities and TV actors have undergone these cosmetic surgeries to get better facial looks, and the results are remarkable. To conclude the above discussion, we can say that the medical field of cosmetics has become very advanced now and different techniques are being used by the doctors to beautify the facial features. Many people are going for these surgical options in order to look better. Pakistan is also offering such treatments at relatively low prices and the results are remarkable.