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Free hair loss advice is usually taken from the doctors by those people who think they are becoming bald at a fast pace. Baldness is the biggest fear of those people who are very much concerned about their looks and beauty. There are many bad habits which lead to this condition, and if they are avoided, not only the pace of this problem can be slowed down but also growth can be re-established in some conditions. Apart from the genetic and medical reasons, there are some trivial daily activities which have harmful effects, and people do them knowingly and unknowingly. That’s why, doctors before moving to any medical or surgical treatment, recommend their patients to avoid such bad habits.

The main preventable causes of baldness are stress, anxiety, insufficient nutrients intake, poor hygiene, frequent styling and use of different products like dyes, creams, gels etc. As a free hair loss advice, patients are directed to do exercises and yoga because it relieves stress and anxiety, and improve the body metabolism and growth process. Additionally, doctors prescribe good diet to their patients which contain all essential nutrients require for good growth, like proteins, iron, zinc, copper, vitamin E etc. Food supplements like multivitamins specifically biotin and vitamin D, are also recommended to be taken along with diet. Besides this diet prescription, specialists also forbid their patients to do certain activities like frequent shampooing of head because it results in washing out of essential oils and causes weakening. Similarly, use of different products and dressers cause more harm than good, therefore, it is better to use coconut and olive oils instead. Tight braids and ponytails are discouraged because sometimes, traction and rough handling are the underlying cause and give condition called traction alopecia.

Free hair loss advice in Lahore


Some doctors also prescribe medical treatments as a free hair loss advice. In this regard, few medications are available like minoxidil and finasteride. They not only slow down the pace of baldness but their long term use sometimes result in full recovery of growth on the head. These medicines improve the blood supply to the scalp and also stop those hormonal changes which shrink the follicles in skin resulting in pattern baldness. Apart from these medications, some medical treatments are also available which are recommended as a solution to this problem. Laser therapy and platelets rich plasma (PRP) are good techniques in this regard. Low-level lasers improve the density by stimulating the epidermal stem cells. Similarly, injecting platelets-rich plasma into the scalp helps stimulating the growth in barren areas of head because it contains certain growth factors. Surgical solutions are recommended only when the above measures are not doing any good.

Free hair loss advice helps many people in stopping their baldness and regaining their growth. To conclude the above discussion, we can say that people always seek directions from their doctors when they note that they are getting bald. In this matter, good exercises, proper diet, food supplementation, appropriate care, certain medications and treatments, are recommended by the doctors as a solution to the hair fall problem.

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