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Frontal hairline is basically the anterior boundary or edge from where your scalp hairs begin. It is usually rectangular or M-shaped in men, and round contour is commonly associated with females. It is normally present close to the forehead but recedes with age. This receding is seen more in males than females and usually starts in 30’s but sometimes, it starts in earlier age when there is a strong family background of pattern baldness or there is some underlying medical condition. It is a major concern of those people these days that are very conscious about their looks and beauty. They often look for the answers of questions like what are the causes of this recession and how can they treat it or prevent it from happening.

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Frontal hairline receding causes

There are various causes of the receding frontal hairline. Mostly it is associated with genetics. If there is a strong family history of pattern baldness, there will be more chances for the men to suffer from this condition in his early age due to loss of follicles anteriorly. Pattern baldness is less likely in females in whom thinning is more common. Another cause is hormonal changes. It is more prominent in women after menopause when excessive thinning is observed. Apart from the genetics and hormonal changes, excessive pulling back and styling too often also cause traction alopecia. Other less common causes are stress, dietary insufficiency, underlying disorders and certain medications.

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Hairline design and restoration

There are different treatments available to stop or slow down the front hairline recession, and sometimes, even recovery is possible. Sometimes, it is a side effect of certain drugs, for example, chemotherapeutic medicines etc. So, simply avoiding such medicines will help in its recovery.  If the cause is an underlying autoimmune disease, immunosuppressive drugs like prednisone can cure this condition. But if the cause is a genetic one like pattern baldness, treatment plan will be different. Few medicines are available which slow its pace and in few cases, it may recover with long term medications. Among these, minoxidil and finasteride are the popular ones recommended by the doctors to treat this problem. The permanent solution in this regard is surgical treatment. Different transplant techniques are available like FUE FUT etc, and people prefer these permanent solutions over long term medications these days. Grafts are taken from a donor area like back of the head of the same patient, and these grafts are then planted in the skin of the recipient area. The success rate is very high. The results of these transplants are very promising and long lasting.

Frontal hair line is very significant in determining the looks of a person that’s why, people spend a lot of money to maintain its contour and position. To summarize the above discussion, we can say that genetics, hormonal changes, styling, stress and medical disorders are the leading causes of recession. Both medical and surgical treatments are available and being practiced by the doctors these days to cure this condition.

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