Hair fixing expense Pakistan

Are you searching for Hair fixing expense in Pakistan on the internet? So just stop doing it any more. As we all know hair is an integral part of the beauty of a person both for men and women equally. But if you do not take care of your hair then, you might be suffering from hair loss tragedy that is not good for your personality at all. After taking into account all the treatment to cure hair thinning now you are thinking about a hair restoration surgery. Right! in this article we will focus on the hair transplant surgery, its cost in different cities of Pakistan, facilities for hair grafting its advantages.

Hair implantation and different facilities available in Pakistan

Hair grafting surgery is carried out in Pakistan from the last twenty years with satisfactory results. This game-changing procedure is now being offered in all big cities of Pakistan with all positive outcomes. There are many hair replacement centers present who claims to provide you all the facilities regarding the treatment. Like many other developing countries; Pakistan is also offering many facilities required for hair implantation. Some of the basic facilities provided to the patients in Pakistan are given below

  • Foreign qualified surgeon
  • Well trained personnel
  • Hygienic and sterilized surgical instruments
  • Counseling before and after the hair implantation
  • Well experienced and well-practiced hair specialist
  • Good consultation

Hair fixing expense Pakistan

Cost of hair restoration in Pakistan

In this section we will talk about the Hair fixing expense in Pakistan .Generally cost of this surgery depends upon the following factors

  • Qualification of hair specialist
  • Facilities provided by the clinic
  • Quality of surgical instrument used
  • Location of the restoration center
  • Cooperation and training of personnel
  • Number of grafts


Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan..Many hair specialists in Karachi claim to give their best in the hair transplant. Men need 2000 to 3000 grafts for the best coverage of the head. So charges depend on the number of grafts you required. Generally, the cost of hair replacement starts from 40000 to 150000 on average.


Lahore is on the top of the list in the restoration surgery. The Hair fixing expense in Pakistan especially in Lahore is a little bit high as compared to other cities of Pakistan due to the availability of the resources. Price ranges from 55000 to 200000.


Although it is not big city like Karachi and Lahore but stills some hair specialist offering hair restoration surgery here. Based on facilities Hair fixing expense in Pakistan especially in Rawalpindi it ranges from 40000 to 400000 on average.

Advantages of hair regrowth treatment

  • You will get the following benefits 
  • The natural growth of hair
  • Increases your level of confidence
  • The natural way of treatment
  • No scaring and permanent side effect
  • Low cost
  • High-quality instruments used
  • Good outcomes

Final verdict

Now you have got enough information about Hair fixing expense in Pakistan. Hair thinning is not a problem anymore. Cure your baldness by going through hair implantation surgery naturally.