Hair Plantation Lahore

Hair plantation in Lahore gives you satisfactory results as compared to any other cities. Approximately twenty years before hair loss treatment was not possible in Pakistan through hair restoration surgery due to the lack of facilities. But now hair loss is not a problem anymore. Hair grafting is getting popularity as a magical procedure to cure hair thinning naturally. We will be discussing facilities of hair implantation in Lahore, procedure, cost, how to choose the best surgeon in Lahore, and the advantages of the treatment.

Facilities of hair grafting in Lahore

Lahore is the most populated city of Pakistan containing many historical buildings in it. As far as there is the concern of medical facilities no other city can compare with Lahore. Regarding hair restoration treatment, Lahore is well known all over the cities of Pakistan. The Hair plantation in Lahore provide you the following facilities that compel the patient for surgery

  • Highly foreign qualified hair specialists
  • A large number of clinics
  • Large population
  • Very well experienced and well practice doctors
  • Reasonable price of the procedure
  • Sterilized surgical instruments
  • Well-mannered and cooperative staff

Procedure for baldness treatment

Usually, two types of techniques are used by the surgeon to carry out the grafting

The most widely used technique is FUE that is preferred over FUT. In follicular unit transplant (FUT) cutting of the donor site as well as the recipient site is carried out that is painful and not as reliable as FUE. Followings steps are involved in follicular unit extraction:

  • Recognition of the donor site containing a thick density of hair
  • Numbness of the donor site by anesthesia
  • Removal of hair follicles by making a tiny hole
  • Administration of anesthesia at the recipient site to ensure no pain
  • Implantation of hair follicles on the bald site 
  • Recommendation of medicines and post-surgical precautions to the patient

Hair plantation in Lahore Pakistan

Cost of transplant in Lahore

The cost of Hair plantation in Lahore is variable, depending on the facilities provided by the center, qualification of the surgeon, number of grafts required, quality of surgical equipment, and location of the transplant center and number of sessions,. By summing up all these factors the cost of the procedure ranges from 50000 to 2,50000.

How to choose the best surgeon for hair restoration surgery

The selection of surgeons affects the results so choose hair specialists carefully so select the best hair specialist by keeping in mind the following factors: expertise and experience of the doctor, location of the clinic, the cooperation of the staff, and operation theatre and especially the history of all recovered patients.


You will get the following benefits from Hair plantation in Lahore: 

  • The natural growth of hair
  • No infection on the bald site
  • Boost up your confidence level
  • Groom your personality
  • You will get proper coverage of all bald areas of your head that is cool


Hair plantation in Lahore is a perfect decision to cure any type of hair loss problem. If you want the best procedure to treat your hair thinning problem then just visit your nearby clinic in Lahore and consulted a surgeon. You will have a fabulous experience with mind-blowing results. You may also send your baldness photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 and get an honest opinion before visiting the hair clinic in Lahore