Hair Thickening Strategies


Hair loss and thinning are common problems, especially in males and there are several ways to get thickened and healthy hairs. But first of all, we need to have a look at the causative factors of hair loss in males. Male hair loss can be in the form of bald spots, pattern baldness or complete balding. This is mainly as a result of androgenetic alopecia which is the most common cause of hair fall in males. However, hair loss can also occur as a result of stress, malnutrition and illness. Hair thickening strategies can vary from simple daily routine tasks such as washing hairs with care to complex medical procedures such as undergoing hair replacement surgeries. All of these techniques would be discussed in below in detail. But in order to adapt the most suitable technique that gives the best results onto your hairs is judged after taking a deep examination on the root cause of hair fall. So the first remedy is to search a board certified dermatologist who could look up your case history in detail and suggest the best treatment for your hair. Seeking a certified dermatologist is the most important step if the home based and natural remedies have failed to improve hair growth.

Among the various hair thickening strategies, some could be performed at home and healthy hairs can be achieved by following simple and easy steps. One of them includes styling the hairs gently. Hair falls more easily if handled harshly. Men who intend to improve their hair condition should avoid procedures that can result in hair pulling, such as blow drying and setting hairs with gels. Try using wide tooth combs. Wide tooth combs are really efficacious in saving the hairs against falling and damage. One should avoid combing wet hairs because roots of wet hairs are weak. Hairs can be thickened by changing the ways you wash your hairs. Most of the men wash their hair regularly which is a wrong practice. Washing hairs regularly leave them dry. An efficient way towards healthy looking hairs is washing them twice a week. This leaves them moisturized and healthy. Hairs can be protected by the use of conditioners. Conditioners have proven efficacy in making the hairs smooth and silky. Less tangled and more manageable hairs are less prone to damage and breakage, making them thick and protected.

Hair loss and smoking relationship 

Hairs can be thickened by quitting the unhealthy practices such as smoking. Smoking, as associated with many other health related issues, is also responsible for hair loss. It starts with scarring and inflammation of the scalp, later on leading toward the hair loss. If you’re a smoker, and experiencing hair loss; you should think of quitting this habit. There are a number of rehabilitation centers working nearby that can help to quit smoking and shift towards a healthy lifestyle. One can also consult a doctor to choose a better plan for himself. Hair thickness can be improved by taking a diet rich in zinc and iron. Most of the men, who are moving towards weight loss and following strict diet plans face hair thinning problems as eating a balanced diet while reducing calorie intake in order to reduce weight is not possible in most cases and it results in lesser nutrients and minerals reaching the scalp. So eating a well-balanced diet rich in iron and zinc can help in improving hair growth and texture. These minerals are found in red meat, eggs, legumes and dairy products. Zinc and iron supplements are also available in the pharmacies.

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However, taking nutritional supplements in order to thicken the hairs has not proved to be efficacious in cases when the hair loss is not due to deficiencies of these vitamins. Biotin has proven benefits in hair growth, but one should not consume biotin supplements if the levels of this vitamin are normal in the body, otherwise this can lead to excessive dose related side effects. Zinc and iron overload in the body can also result in organ toxicities of these minerals in liver and kidneys. Some vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin E, if taken in more than the normal range, can initiate hair loss.

Hair thickening with over the counter products 

Several OTC medicines are also available which can have thickened the hairs and increase hair growth. These include minoxidil which is available in foam, shampoo and gel dosage form, for ease of application. Finasteride is another medicine available in the form of oral tablets. However, these medicines give visible results after 6 months of their continuous usage. The main problems with these medications are they might be associated with side effects. They might not suit a person based upon the cause of hair thinning. One must refer to a doctor before taking any supplements or medication for hairs.

A visible improvement in hair thickness can be achieved by leaving the procedures that can result in hair damage. These include applying dyes and chemicals to hairs. Hair dyeing is often carried out after bleaching the hairs. Bleaching the hairs leaves them damaged and rough. After which the dyeing chemicals do more harm to the hairs. Such practices should be avoided. A study has shown that hair loss is very widely related to stress. Hair thinning is common in people who are dealing with routine stress in such cases, taking a break or including a stress reducing habit, such as meditation and yoga, can serve the purpose of thickening hairs. If the hair problems are not tackled by any of the above mentioned remedies, or the person is seeking for instant results, he can move to hair restoration surgery procedures. Different types of hair transplantation procedures are available which can help in getting a fuller hair look in one go. The surgeon simply transfers hairs from one part of the body to the scalp. However, such procedures are mostly expensive. Hairs can be improved in both strength and diameter, by following the above mentioned ways. One can choose natural or medical ways; where the priority should be given to improving diet and reducing the stress in life.