Hair Transplant Clinic Iran

Do you want to know about the Hair transplant clinic in Iran? Iran is a well-known country to cure baldness effectively. In this article we will discuss the procedure of hair loss treatment in Iran, its cost, techniques used, pre-operational and post-operational precautions in detail.

Why Iran is famous for hair implantation surgery

One reason for the popularity of Iran is the magical progress and improvements in the techniques. The success rate of the treatment is very high with good outcomes. Low cost is the highest contributing factor.

 Hair restoration Clinics in Iran

There is a lot of hair transplant clinic in Iran where well-experienced experts offering their best services. All the clinics are well equipped and have trained staff to deal with patients.


The most frequently asked question is what procedure of hair restoration in Iran is? The Iranian surgeon follows two techniques according to the hair thinning extent

  • Follicular unit step surgery
  • Follicular unit extraction

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

 It involves the following steps

  • Shaving of the back of your head
  • Removal of hair follicles form it by keeping the follicles intact
  • Administration of anesthesia at the recipient site to implant the hair follicles there carefully ensuring no pain

Follicular unit step surgery (FUSS)

This procedure involves

  • Identification of donor site that is usually back of your head, then shaving off the scalp
  • Cleaning of the scalp to inject drug unto it for numbness
  • Grafting of hair follicles into the numb area
  • Recommendation of medicine to prevent infection and pain 

Thinking of cost?

While thinking about the procedure the next most important thing is the consideration of financial issues. A hair transplant clinic in Iran gives you the best results. The cost of the surgery in the well-developed countries is from 3000 dollars to 6000 dollars that is quite high. Do not change your mind by knowing about the charges of the treatment because the cost of the same procedure in Iran is quite different. Iran is a highly facilitated country regarding hair transplant and is the best country known for this purpose. You will be surprised to know about, you just have to pay just 1500 dollars to 2000 dollars for this s an amazing procedure that is quite low and is affordable with the best services.

How to choose the best surgeon among the professionals

Iran is on the top in the list of hair implantations treatment. There are a large number of hair specialists available in Iran to s facilitates you with their best services at a low price. Choose the expert by keeping in mind all these factors

  • Expertise and qualification of the doctor
  • Location and environment of the clinic
  • History of previous recovered patients

 Consider the following tips before the hair restoration procedure in Iran

  • Stop alcohol consumption
  • Avoid hard work
  • Do not eat meat and nuts
  • Stops intake of coffee and green tea
  • Take bath
  • Choose the best Hair transplant clinic in Iran
  • Do not drink milk

Post-surgical precautions 

  • Do not drive
  • Avoid swimming and exercise
  • Do not use the towel
  • Use anti-itching agents to prevent itching


 Hair transplant clinics in Iran are providing many facilities with mind-blowing results. So what are you waiting for? Consult the best surgeon in Iran now. You will have a good experience.