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Hair transplant Dammam patient got his Fue procedure abroad at our clinic where his frontal hair restoration procedure was performed. Saudi Arabia is the first Arab country to enter the cosmetic medical field in the Arabian Peninsula because of its position among European and American countries and the rapid technological advancements over the last two centuries in virtually every area of life. Men and women in Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are concerned about their appearance, so anything related to beauty will be a top priority. To learn that Saudi Arabians place so much importance on hair health and beauty as a sign of one’s overall well-being was fascinating. Many people search on internet” the best hair transplant in Dammam” and due to high cost ,decide to travel abroad to our clinic where the price is 70% less than in this city. 

Hair transplant Dammam patient


Hair transplantation in Dammam-Saudi Arabia Techniques 

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about transplantation methods.

●       The follicles must be sliced out of the donor’s hair using a microscope after removing the hair from the scalp.

●       Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a procedure in which a doctor removes donor follicles from the back of the head and then transplants them into balding areas by making minor cuts in the skin. All scars will take no more than 48 hours of healing time.

●       The Choi pens are so named because they resemble a press pin and end needle pin. Once the follicles have been harvested, they can then be transplanted without causing any harm. Achieving a high density without shaving the patient’s hair allows for a quick recovery.

●       The biofibre technology “stem cell hair transplant” has been developed in Saudi Arabia, resulting in a revolution in this area. The bio fiber method, based on genetic engineering, is now available as the most up-to-date method. This method can treat alopecia and baldness in the recipient area.

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to its many advantages, Saudi Arabia could not overcome its surrounding areas. It covers advantages and disadvantages regarding procedures, which are defined below:

●       There will be no shortage of qualified medical professionals.

●       You don’t need a translator to communicate with anyone in the Arabian Peninsula.

●       Sterilization, medical care, and other health-related services are readily available in this high-entertainment nation.

●       There are numerous modes of transportation to choose from, making it easy to get around.

●       Throughout the year, there are a wide variety of places to stay.

●       You can visit some of the world’s most sacred sites during your travels.

A few drawbacks:

●       The cost is heavily influenced by the location of the cosmetic medical center where the procedure will be performed. The site of medical centers in commercial towers is a significant factor in the high cost.

●       In terms of methods, Saudi Arabia offers some of the most advanced, but they fall short of those used in the world’s most advanced clinics.

●       This is the worst reason for the high temperatures in the desert weather significantly impacting the success of these procedures. Cosmetic surgery and transplantation enthusiasts know that high temperatures can cause a wide range of side effects, including the failure of the process.

What is it Costs?

The high level of entertainment and excellent medical services available to those seeking hair transplantation in Dammam allow for the convergence of costs for this level of enjoyment and development.

●        Depending on the clinic you choose; you can expect to pay anywhere from $2660 to $8000.

●       Overnight stays in a hotel cost on average $100 for a single room.

●       A round-trip ticket costs around $350.

●       Internal transportation costs between $5 and $9, and a one-week vacation without cosmetic surgery costs $1100.

●       The price of hotel rooms and plane tickets varies seasonally, depending on when you travel.

How is it Done?

Hair transplant in Dammam begins as soon as a tourist sets foot in the country. The doctor will drive the patient to the hospital when they meet. After completing the initial examination and ensuring that the patient is in good health, the patient will undergo the procedure. It’s a time taking process and you must follow precautions and rules given by the doctor.

After a six- to eight hours procedure, the patient is free to resume his regular activities. The day after that is designated as a “rest day.” During the doctor’s appointment on the third day, the doctor examines the patient to ensure that he is in good health, and all of the patient’s recovery instructions are given out.

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