Hair transplant Minneapolis patient

Hair transplant in Minneapolis is performed at various clinics to treat baldness. People search for cheap Fue procedures abroad due to financial constraints after COVID 19 crisis. The average cost for follicular unit extraction in Minneapolis is $8000 to $ 12000 and to save hard earned money, many patients contact us through WhatsApp and send their hair loss area as well as donor area photos for evaluation. Our professional staff will let you know the number of grafts and cost so that you can make your travel arrangements.

Mr. J.S. contacted us and got an initial consultation online and traveled to our clinic where he got his Fue procedure to cover the frontal half of head. He has been advised two hair restoration procedures to cover complete male pattern baldness.

Hair transplant Minneapolis patient detail 

 Procedure date  11 Jan 2022
 Technique  F.U.E.
 Plan  Frontal half head coverage 
 Duration  5 hours 
 Donor area  Back & sides of head 
 Punch size  0.8 mm 
 Surgeon  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry 

Hair loss patient Minneapolis

Frontal half baldness marking

Donor area marking Minneapolis patient
Hair transplant photo gallery

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