Hair transplant post operative care Lahore

Hair transplant post operative care

Hair transplant post operative care is as much important as the  procedure itself. Grafts  are extracted from the donor area leaving tiny pores behind which heal themselves without any need of stitches. After processing, these grafts are delicately planted in a specific manner so that a natural look appears in the end. Therefore, doctors recommend their patients to look after the area to get fast recovery and full desired results; otherwise, there are chances of complications as well as grafts’ displacement.

Care after hair restoration surgery Lahore

Doctors give special instructions regarding hair transplant post operative care to their patients. These instructions are not only limited to saline sprays and medications but also patients are directed to refrain from some particular routine habits. Patients are advised to use a forehead band over the forehead and a surgical cap for 3 days after discharge. A normal saline solution should be sprayed every hour on the area to keep the follicles hydrated and prevent scab formation for 2 days after which this process should be repeated after every 2 hours for the next 5 days. It is not advised to wash head for initial 4 days, and it is recommended to lie over flat surface with a thin pillow to avoid forehead from swelling. 

On the 3rd or 4th day, it is allowed to wash your head with baby shampoo but water should be poured gently without rinsing. Towels should not be used to dry your head but let it dry by its own. Second shampoo wash should be done at alternate day after applying Aloe-Vera gel for 10 minutes to soften the crusts. After this second shampooing, you can wash your head twice a week but gently. Remove scabs gently at each head wash but do not scratch the area.

Apart from shampooing, doctors also give some other tips in the name of hair transplant post operative care. Patients are prohibited to do any kind of sports, swimming and strenuous activity for at least 3 weeks because it might disturb the alignment and placement of the graft units and they may fall off. Avoid sunbathing because it might cause sunburn at the area. There are chances of infections so patients are advised to keep the operated area cleaned and covered, and use prescribed antibiotics in the first few weeks until the wounds are healed completely. 

Also, smoking is prohibited because nicotine present in cigarettes is a vasoconstrictor and it limits the blood supply to the scalp and the follicles, which hinder the growth. Pain killers are allowed to relieve the operation pain but they should be taken just according to the doctor’s prescription.

Hair transplant post operative care is very important because the final results will be as good as the care has been done. To conclude the above discussion, we can say that a patient should look after his head after the treatment and follow specific instructions regarding applying saline sprays, shampooing, sleeping positions, and routine daily activities. Otherwise, the desired results will not be achieved and all the costly treatment will be in vain.

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