Hair transplant surgery Lahore

Hair transplant surgery


The history of hair transplant surgery traces back to a dermatologist, Dr. Norman, in the United States. Hair fall is one of the major problems of 58 % of the population of the world. This surgery is generally considered one of the best options to get rid of the problem of hair loss, and get hairs on your bald head. It is a surgical process of transplanting hairs from the back of the head to the front part of the head. Generally, the back part of head provides resistance from hair loss. In this process, the part of the head receiving the hairs is called the ‘recipient site’ while the part of the head from where the hairs are transplanted is called the ‘donor site’. This process is also considered very efficient in the transportation of hair to other body parts, like the chest, eyelashes, etc.

In this process, the hairs are always taken from the area, which is resistant to hair loss.

Important steps for hair transplant surgery

Today, the hair transplantation process is done using the new method of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). In this method, follicular units are taken from the ‘donor site’. The following are the important steps for Follicular Hair Extraction.

Step No 1:

In the first step, the recipient site and donor site are defined and marked to start the surgery.

Step No 2:

In the second step, follicular units are extracted from the donor area using a punch of 0.8 millimeters in diameter. Almost 2000 follicular units can be extracted in one day, that transplant 6000 hairs on your head.

Step no 3:

Successful hair transplant surgery requires a proper and a regular process. In the third step, the follicular units extracted from the donor site are prepared for further processing.

Step no 4:

In the next step, the follicular units are stored at a suitable temperature, to make them usable.

Step no 5:

In the last step, the follicular units are implanted in the recipient area. The recipient part of the body is given proper anesthesia to avoid any future complications during the surgery. For the implantation of follicular units, various kinds of implanters are used.

After three to four months of transplantation, the hairs start growing.

Benefits of hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery can give you long term benefits. To be honest, this surgery is best for those people, having a small amount of hair or an entirely bald head. Sometimes, due to certain genetic issues or other kinds of problems, some people lose their eyelashes or hairs on other body parts. Transplantation of hairs is the perfect thing to do in this case, rather than trusting any kind of traditional quick work claiming medicine.

One of the most important benefits to mention is that hair transplant helps you get your natural hair, having none of any kinds of future risk or danger. These transplanted hairs are easy to maintain.

1: Give you youthful look

This can be very beneficial, to give you a youthful look and can make you appear more attractive and confident in your old age.

2: Normal growth of hairs

It helps in maintaining normal growth and development of hairs. A person does not have to replace the hairs and plant new ones. There are lots of misconceptions regarding hair transplant. People usually think of it as a process that they have to continue in their whole life. Some people also fear, if there are any side effects of hair transplantation. According to experts it is a normal surgery that does not bring any kinds of future side effects.

3: Cost saving process

Normally, when it comes to the cost of the  surgery, people prefer non surgical processes for hairs. Nonsurgical treatments appear to be less expensive as compared to surgical treatment. But the fact is that surgical treatments are less expensive than nonsurgical treatments. The main reason behind this is that hair transplant surgeries are one-time solutions to hair problems. On the other hand, nonsurgical treatments will lead you to spend a lot of money on shampoos and medicines for the maintenance of your hair.

3: Avoid being bald forever

Research shows that hair transplantation helps you to avoid becoming bald forever. As mentioned earlier, this process is done only once in life and the benefits are everlasting. After the surgery, you will never face any such condition of hair loss. Having no hairs on your head decreases self-esteem, and  surgery is the best treatment option for it.

What is the average price of hair transplant surgery ?

The average cost for this surgery depends upon several factors like, the center you visit, the type of hair transplantation i.e. FUE or FUT, expenses the center charges for the surgery and the donor site. In the United States, it costs almost 3000 to 15000 dollars for this surgery. In Pakistan, its average cost varies between PKR 50 thousand to 4 lacs. The more the number of hairs higher will be the cost for their transplantation.

Do the insurance companies cover the cost of this surgery?

The answer to this question is, no. The health insurance companies do not cover the cost of hair transplantation. Mostly, these companies cover the cost of those medical needs where there is an emergency, and having no hairs on a person’s head is not an emergency.


Whether you go for FUE or FUT,, the primary objective is to get some hair, to enhance our appearance and self esteem. Having a high level of confidence and attractive appearance is as important as food and clothing, in today’s competitive world. Lacking hairs on a person’s head greatly damages the self-esteem of the person. Therefore, many people prefer non surgical treatments to get hairs on your head. But, according to various surveys hair transplantation has been proved beneficial in the long term, due to its maintenance and natural growth.