hair treatments

Hair treatments

There are plenty of hair treatments out that claim to be the one true solution for all problems but before you go out to buy those special supplements, magic oils and tonics it is a good idea to review how effective certain treatments are at solving the problem of hair fall.

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon that usually increases with age. It affects different people differently and there can be multiple causes for it. Some of these causes are genetic whilst some are due to external reasons such as lifestyle choices, hygiene, diet etc. Although there are treatments for most types of alopecia, the hair loss that occurs as a result of non-genetic factors is the one that is the most easily treated.

Female hair fall treatment Lahore Pakistan

Below are some solutions  that help to overcome the problem and their effectiveness:

  1. Prescription and over the counter drugs:

The two most common drugs used to treat male pattern baldness are

  1. Minoxidil (Rogaine): this is an over the counter drug available in liquid or foam form. It needs to be applied to the scalp twice a day to prevent hair fall and grow more hair.
  2. Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar): This is a prescription drug that only a doctor can give you. It needs to be taken once a day

Both of these drugs can take as long as a year to start showing significant results and they have to be taken continuously to see the proper results.

  • Laser treatments:

Although there are limited studies that show this hair treatment to be effective it is thought that such laser treatments reduce the inflammation in follicles and this allows the hairs to regrow.

  • Lifestyle changes:

Certain lifestyle changes are actually some of the best options that you can do. It is proven through many studies that lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, exercising and eating a balanced diet can have major impacts on controlling hair loss.

  • Scalp massages:

First off, scalp massages feel absolutely amazing. Secondly scalp massages help stimulate the follicles which according to some studies help promote thicker hair.

  • Hair transplants:

The two most well-known hair transplant strategies are follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE):

Fue-FUT hair transplant

FUT is considered to be the more “classical” technique by some. It includes expelling some skin from the rear of your scalp where there’s a plenitude of hair, expelling the follicles from that piece of skin, and afterward reinserting the follicles into the piece of the scalp where you’re encountering male pattern baldness.

In FUE, follicles are extracted straight from the scalp and transplanted to the bare parts of the scalp.

Remember, a hair transplant is a medical procedure, so it tends to be costly and might cause mild pain. There are additionally certain risks, including contamination / infection and scarring. You may likewise need to do numerous hair transplant procedures to get the ideal result.

As you know very well know by now, there are plenty of hair treatments out there, to decide which one is best for you it is best to see a specialist as there are a plethora of causes that lead to hair loss and no one treatment is the best solution for all of them.

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