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It is normal to ask about the life of hair transplant results when you undergo surgery.  If someone wants long-lasting outcomes surgery must be done by an experienced surgeon. After the surgery is done many patients observe that newly harvested HFs fall out within two to six weeks but it is normal and the new growth will observe in the next few months and it is permanent. It takes approximately six months to observe a complete change in growth. Full outcomes of surgery will appear in almost one year and in many cases, these outcomes remain for a lifetime because in bald areas of the scalp healthy HFs is harvested.  Whereas, the life span of surgery is influenced by many factors such as the type of patient’s hair, the lifestyle of the patient, age of the patient, and the extent to which loss of HFs occur in the patient. In the consideration of all these factors, the patient may require different types of surgical techniques to get lifetime outcomes. Fortunately, today the methods that are used in surgery give long-lasting and permanent outcomes irrespective of gender, age, or the extent of loss of HFs.

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Life of hair transplant results permanent?

When someone is thinking about the life of hair transplant results it is important to understand that when new HFs are harvested in the scalp, they take time to grow and heal. For complete healing, they will take almost six to twelve months and tiny growth is observable in the bald area. This new growth will fill bald areas and grow in the same thickness and texture as already present. The HFs that was harvested in the scalp was permanent and their transfer from one area of scalp to the other is also permanent. After the surgical procedure, you cannot go into your previous position. But similar to HFs that are already present on the scalp, these newly harvested HFs also have growth restrictions. With time they stop forming new HFs and do not grow and it commonly happens in older age. So, it means that HFs surgery has a long-lasting effect but these effects change when you grow old because in old age HFs become thin and lead to decreased production and growth but if you do not become bald, the scalp will remain hair for the rest of life.

The life of hair transplant results is permanent or maybe more than twenty years or the whole life span. The effects of this procedure are so long because in this procedure the HFs are transferred from those areas of the scalp where HFs have a long lifetime and are not exposed to the process of HF loss. So, when this HFs is harvested in bald areas of the scalp this HFs keeps their characteristic of longevity. The follicles that have a characteristic of long life are mostly present on the side and back areas of the scalp. The HFs that are present on the side and back areas of the scalp will remain for a longer time e.g., in a bald man and woman of older age, the HFs inside and back area of the scalp are visible. The reason for this is that the process of baldness will not affect the HFs in these areas. On the other hand, the HFs that is present on the top and crown of the scalp are more susceptible to baldness when the pattern of baldness was analyzed in males and females. Therefore, take HFs from these areas of the scalp whenever you undergo a surgical procedure because HFs from these areas will keep their longevity and resistance against baldness and give permanent results meaning that when this HFs will grow in a new area they will remain there for a long time.

Choose the best surgeon 

The life of hair transplant results is also depending upon the surgeon you choose. You must select a surgeon who has a piece of complete knowledge and understanding of baldness and performs surgery on a regular basis. Many surgeons also prescribed medicines to their patients to increase the period of the outcomes of surgery and to prevent loss of hair. These medicines are prescribed because the process of thinning and loss of HFs is continuing even after surgery. So, the medicine will prevent baldness and thinning of newly harvested HFs and keep the growth and natural look of HFs for a long time.

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