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PRP for hair loss-Platelet – Rich Plasma (PRP) is a technique often used in the medical field to treat hair loss. The procedure is followed by a series of three basic steps. Initially, a blood sample is withdrawn from the patient’s body and then in the next step it is kept in a test tube for long enough to be separated into its layers i.e. platelet poor plasma , platelet rich plasma and red blood cells. In the final step the layer enriched with plasma matter is extracted via syringe and then injected into the scalp of the patient in the areas with relatively lesser or no hair. The effectiveness of this treatment is still doubted by health professionals in regard to treating hair loss as the treatment lacks authentic and experimental based research but there are several scientific theories which support this procedure. Nevertheless, it is assumed that injecting plasma into the scalp naturally enhances hair growth.

In order to test effectiveness of PRP for hair loss, a team of health professionals conducted an in depth analysis back in 2019 which was based on 11 different research papers which included more than 250 participants with hair loss disorder. As a result, common studies found that the PRP injection methodology actually reduced loss of hair and widened the surface area of hair on the scalp with enhanced density of hair growth. While proposing the conclusion of this research, they analyzed that the confined number of participants and substandard nature of research proved to be the restricting elements of their analysis.  In the similar year, another research was conducted on the same subject and this time the experiment involved more than 450 participants in total and the results proved to be in favor of the treatment. Still to provide a general conclusion, the researchers stated that since the analysts use various techniques to inject plasma in clinics with different atmospheres and other such factors, it would not be wrong to say that results of PRP for hair loss differ as well.

The time period for which PRP treatment for hair loss lasts is not fixed and its effects vary from patient to patient and another important factor which is to be considered is that PRP treatment may bring your lost hair back but it doesn’t eliminate the roots of elements in your body which cause hair fall in the first place and this is the reason that a patient may need to have several PRP treatments in order to maintain hair density in the relevant area of scalp. The prescriptions of health professionals on how often a patient must go through PRP treatment depends on the subject patient’s very own conditions and results based upon their initial treatments. Nevertheless, a generic time period recommended by health professionals is to take injections for every three to six months that too after the patient’s hair fall is already controlled.

Though PRP for hair loss seems to be an ultimate achievable solution to retain your hair growth and bring back the overall grace which hair gives, still this treatment comes with minor side effects as well. As the plasma injected into the patient’s scalp is initially taken from his own blood so there are not any major risks expected in this treatment but there is a chance for the patient to experience slight pain in the area where plasma has been injected or temporary bleeding from the relevant area, swelling, itching or even headache. Generally speaking, the results of this treatment appear differently on different patients according to their personal health or body specifications. The cost of this treatment often varies from 10000 to 15000 Pak Rupee while one injection costs 6000 to 8000 Pak Rupees or more.

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The PRP for hair loss is assumed to be most effective on men who have become bald either as a result of gradual aging or any other natural reasons, women who have reached the age of menopause (end of menstrual cycle or simply periods) and people who begin to lose hair over a period of at least five years or even more to a point that their hair follicles or pores on skin from hair come out have simply become too narrow that any hair growth enhancing method won’t prove to be helpful. This treatment does not show much promised results on people with thyroid diseases as their hair loss is either due to the disease or the medicines that they intake. Moreover people with disease like cancer or bleeding disorders are also not good candidates for PRP hair loss treatment.

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