Seasonal hair loss when and why does it happen

Research has demonstrated that seasonal hair loss is in fact an unfortunate reality for all of us. Seasons do unequivocally influence the measure of hair we shed, and a significant number of us are losing our precious hairs due to the effects of the changing seasons. This phenomena affects women more than men and is known to occur in the fall months such as October and November.

Be that as it may, before anyone gets too stressed, it should be stated that there’s most likely nothing to worry too much about. There are three phases of the hair development cycle: Anagen which is the growth stage, Catagen which is the transition stage, and Telogen which is the resting stage. Essentially, the Telogen stage flags the beginning of the hair shedding and hair is probably going to keep dropping out for about 100 days after you have entered this stage.  This is all natural and happens to everybody.

Seasonal hair loss When and why does it happen

It’s quite normal to shed 80 to 100 hairs per day, if they are growing back. This may sound like a big number but one must remember that the normal head has 100,000 hairs. It is better not to think of these hairs as lost rather, they are on a cycle of growth, transition and finally rest and this cycle keep repeating itself.

Studies have also discovered that we actually have a higher number of hairs when we enter the telogen stage in July, which means we notice more shedding come October and November time. Think about it if you have more hair on your scalp then that increases the chances of you losing more hair too. There are numerous hypothesis with respect to why we actually retain more hair at this stage. One such hypothesis is that seasonal hair loss is a result of evolution and we retain more hair in the summer time to screen ourselves from the sun’s rays, and our bodies let the hair fall in the winter when they’re not needed as much.

If however, you’re seeing hairless patches on your scalp or excessive hair loss then it’s better not to shrug it off as just seasonal hair loss, it is better in such cases to see a specialist. On the off chance that you reliably notice you are losing more hair than expected, or that the nature of your hair shedding has changed, it is then likely that there is a hidden reason that should be tended to.

Seasonal hair loss when and why

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Normally it will become clear to you whether you are shedding an irregular measure of hair – you’ll see more hairs coming out when you shampoo, brush and style your hair, and maybe you’ll find excessive amounts of hair on your floor, garments and cushions. It is not uncommon for people to lose as many as 300 hairs per day which is thrice the normal amount.

Generally however, Seasonal hair loss in not a big problem for most people. If you are noticing a little more hair loss than usual than there’s no need to worry as it’s probably very much natural. As long as you take proper care of your hair and scalp than everything should be just fine. You may contact us for FREE consultation and know treatment options. 

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